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When Is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

Purchase of furniture for the Patio is important and requires attention from the decision. The most important question that concerns lovers of recreation in a country house is the season when it is the best time to buy patio furniture. The fact is that most people think about finding garden furniture only in the middle of summer because this is the time when they need it most. The rest of the city to your summer cottage or permanent residence in his home country became the standard for us. The comfort of city life is available to us almost everywhere. Having arranged the house, we move to the area around the house. This territory is not just a garden or vegetable garden. It’s more than that. This is an extension of our home. And, starting from the first warm days until late autumn, we spend most of our time in this area in nature. That is why we carefully select garden furniture to create comfort. The demand for garden furniture even in winter is reduced slightly.

If you have the opportunity to plan your furniture purchase in advance and choose the best time to buy outdoor furniture, then you can benefit from it. During the year, there are many opportunities to buy furniture at a discount, while it will not be inferior in quality. For example, if you like to buy furniture in regular standard stores, it is best to do it in early spring, when manufacturers make sales and discounts. In late autumn, you can also find great deals. Of course, this purchase will depend on the style, type, and design of furniture that you are interested in.

It is also important to note that for fans of shopping in online stores, there are many pleasant bonuses and opportunities in comparison with regular stores. Most often, prices for online purchases are not inflated, and there are also off-season discounts. Online stores are an attractive alternative. However, you should also consider a few facts when ordering. Furniture is heavy and oversized, so pay attention to the availability of delivery. Also, keep track of the delivery cost so that it is not more expensive than the furniture itself.

As you may have noticed, there are many nuances that affect the price of Patio furniture. We have tried to collect as much information as possible from various sources so that you can decide when and where it is best to buy furniture, so as not to spend extra money and not be disappointed in the purchase.

Fall Sales

You may have noticed in stores that when the patio furniture season passes, there is a lot of inventory that was not purchased. Manufacturers at this time are trying to sell all the remaining goods as quickly as possible, so as not to leave it for the next year and earn more profit. That is why with the help of discounts and promotions, they attract the attention of customers who want to buy new furniture in their country yard. However, you should not run headlong for attractive sales. After all, you can miss out on a really worthwhile offer and pay more for furniture than you could.


So, let’s start with the last month of summer. Most often, retailers try to sell the remaining product from mid-August, so the stores arrange sales and promotions for Patio furniture. If you want to buy a product this month, you should not buy the first set of furniture that comes along. If the seller still has a lot of furniture in stock, he can make a small discount. However, the most profitable promotions start a little later. In that case, if you have time to wait, it is better to do it. On the other hand, when you are perfectly suited to furniture in all respects and satisfied with the price, then make a purchase without a doubt.


If we talk about the beginning of autumn as the best time to buy outdoor furniture, you can find several advantages. Immediately after Labor Day, seasonal promotions begin and people try to buy necessary things at favorable prices. The new school year begins, children go to school, parents become busier and they do not have time to relax in a country house. The demand for furniture begins to fall sharply because it is no longer so necessary as in the summer. The manufacturer begins to put on the shelf new products for autumn and winter, which means that summer furniture goes by the wayside. Companies are trying to sell summer products as quickly as possible to make room for current items. That is why tempting offers from companies that produce furniture are starting to work. This month you’ll be able to find steep discounts in traditional stores and in online shopping.


In October, the most profitable promotions begin to operate, because the warm weather passes. If manufacturers have several sets of patio furniture left, then this is the month when they start to reduce the price as much as possible. Companies try to earn a little profit from the latest models and arrange sales. If you are not in a hurry to purchase furniture for a suburban area, then October is one of the best months when you can make a profitable purchase. There are many offers on the furniture market that may interest you. So, you can buy furniture for the next season at a steep price and save money. However, if furniture is an important product for you in the fall, then you should not wait beyond October. This month is the last month for purchasing goods under good conditions.

Winter Sales

If you want to update your furniture on a country plot or only for the first time buy such an interior item, then winter will probably be the best time of the year to buy patio furniture. Unfortunately, the only drawback is that you will have to spend time searching for a store where furniture is available. If it is important for you to touch and try patio furniture before buying, then make an effort to find a store. Otherwise, if this item is optional for you, you can use online stores.

Most often, when shopping online, you will find inexpensive models of various furniture, since they do not require the cost of renting a room as it happens in standard stores. This season, online sellers are beginning to worry that they will not be able to sell furniture until the summer season. Every year the range is updated, and old models become less popular. Also, manufacturers are trying to pay more attention to spring and summer products, so they get rid of last year’s versions. That is why in winter, sellers begin to sharply reduce the price of patio furniture in order to find buyers as quickly as possible. You can see products at prices that are optimal for wholesale buyers, but you will buy at retail.

Naturally, it is very tempting to get summer furniture at an attractive price and excellent quality. However, there are several nuances to consider. For example, delivery and price are not the most important in this matter. Most likely, you are not in a hurry to get a set of furniture, because the summer season is not coming soon. However, please note that you will have to store this product somewhere until the summer months. If you live in a small apartment and don’t have a garage, this can be a real challenge. It is best to think through this situation in advance and find a way out of it.

Spring Sales

In autumn and winter passed too quickly for you, you didn’t have time to think about buying summer furniture, then you don’t have to worry. In the spring, you can find quite a lot of attractive offers for the sale of such products. Of course, the price may be slightly higher than in winter, but it will still below. With no extra effort, you can save some of your money and save dollars to buy something more expensive.

Despite the fact that the promotions are not as big as in previous seasons, you can find several advantages and bonuses during shopping in the spring. First, on the market, you will find only modern and new models that went on sale recently. If fashion and style are important to you, then spring will be a great time of year to buy summer furniture. Second, given that these versions of furniture are new, firms want to sell them as quickly as possible so that they become more popular with customers. It is best to choose standard furniture stores for this purpose since you will not be able to find these models in stock on the Internet. It is good because you can come to the store, check the quality of the product, and immediately purchase it, without wasting time waiting for delivery.

However, if the stock does not have a model you like in stock, you can still find it in the online store. To do this, you will have to spend a little time searching and waiting for the product. Most likely, you are not in a hurry because the summer season is just ahead. New furniture will come to you by the beginning of summer and you can use it in a country plot.

When the Experts Say to Buy

How to Choose Patio Furniture.

Here you will find a lot of interesting tips on how to choose patio furniture.

Business Insider

But this source highlights a different period of shares. Sales start after Labor Day. And it ends on Memorial Day.


Lifehacker also writes that customers need to be patient until the beginning of October.

Patio Productions

Patio Productions believes that buying furniture should start in mid-September.

The price range for furniture products is very wide. Buying furniture at the right time can save you 30% of your budget.

What to Look for When Buying Your Furniture

Many factories offer all kinds of garden furniture options. These are swings, sofas, tables and chairs, umbrellas, benches, sunbeds, sunbeds, and garden chairs. Currently, manufacturers offer garden furniture made of all kinds of materials: wood, plastic, metal, artificial and natural rattan, poly-wood. Furniture styles also know no boundaries. You can choose garden furniture in classic style, modern style, country style, in the recognizable Adirondack style. The cost range is also unlimited. You can buy garden furniture for any price category. However, it is always necessary to understand that cheap furniture does not live long. But if you are ready to do the selection of furniture every season and love to experiment, then why not. Before buying, it is important to pay attention not only to the best time to buy patio furniture on sale but also to a few more nuances.


When choosing garden furniture, it is advisable to imagine how many people will rest on your site, how many recreation areas you are ready to organize. Whether the furniture will stand outdoors in the garden, on the barbecue area, on the shore of a pond or on a balcony, or under a canopy in a gazebo or terrace. We advise you to make a plan of action in advance. Perhaps you have a landscape project, and everything is thought out to the smallest detail, starting from flowers in the flower bed, trees in the garden, laying out beds in the garden, laying out stones on playgrounds, and choosing garden furniture. Then trust the project. You probably hired a knowledgeable specialist for it and spent a lot of your time on it yourself.

Before buying this important element of your country house, try to determine the size of all the furniture. When you go to the store or start searching on the Internet, it is better to have an idea of the size of the available area in the garden. Do not put furniture back to back, so that it takes up all the space. It is better to look at smaller models, but be able to move around the furniture without restrictions, invite friends and relatives to summer gatherings, and have a lot of free space. We also recommend that you use a tape measure to mark the approximate location of the patio. These steps will help you organize your space in the most practical and convenient way possible. You will clearly see what and where you will stand, from which side and how you can move around the furniture.


Most often, the price and quality of the product are interrelated, so before buying summer furniture, you need to make sure the quality of the entire structure and its individual parts, so as not to be disappointed in the summer. Carefully read the information about materials, fabrics, and construction in general, so that the furniture will last you as long as possible. on the Internet, you can find many articles on how to choose the right materials for furniture in a country plot.

You should also think about the state of the environment. The fact is that the weather is often changeable in summer. It may rain or be hot in the sun, so the material must withstand all weather conditions, be resistant to moisture and temperature. What you should think about when buying garden furniture: whether it will stand outside only during the season or will remain open-air for the whole year. If you buy furniture that needs to be cleaned, you should take care of this in advance, so that at the end of the season you do not look for where to hide it until next spring and do not find yourself in winter with cars standing in front of a warm garage, because the rattan sofa does not like our winters, or plastic tables and chairs are covered with small cracks from frost.

If online shopping is relevant to you, then you need to be even more careful. carefully read reviews about a particular site to avoid running into scammers. There are several schemes that scammers can use to make money from you. for example, you may like the pictures of furniture very much, but when it comes to you, you will see that it is very small. After that, you won’t be able to return it to the manufacturer, so be careful. Moreover, before paying, make sure that the company is honest. Unfortunately, very often there are firms that deceive customers and do not return their money.


Once you have decided on the best month to buy patio furniture, think about the functionality and practicality of the furniture. Think about all the details and equipment of furniture, the number of chairs, and the size of the table. For example, if you want to frequently invite large groups of friends, 4 chairs may not be enough. Therefore, it is better to give preference to a set with six or eight chairs. If you have a small family, you can buy furniture with a small practical table and several chairs.

In the event that you have limited space, you should take care of the storage of furniture. If you do not have a garage or basement, and the house is too small, then think about this point in advance. This is especially important in the winter season because not all furniture can be left out in the cold. If you have nowhere to put it, you can look for options made of high-quality materials that are resistant to frost and temperature changes.

There are such sets that include footrests and benches in the form of a special locker for things. This is a great bonus for those who don’t have much space in the garden. In them, you can put all the necessary items and store them until necessary.

Usually, in catalogs, garden furniture is presented on a nice Sunny hot day, and you choose furniture for the strip where it rains or snows most of the time. What should I do? After all, you do want to catch those few good days in nature, spending them comfortably: setting a table in the gazebo or under an Apple tree, sitting on a chair on the Bank of your pond, stretched out on a chaise longue on the lawn, gathered around a fire.

Pros and Cons of Where to Buy

Brick and Mortar Stores

Regular furniture stores that we are used to seeing in shopping centers are among the main ones where you can buy Patio furniture. They were very popular until the moment when online shopping appeared. Unfortunately, buying in such stores has disadvantages. Manufacturers are required to pay rent or overhead costs for the premises, so the cost of goods is calculated based on these payments. That is why they are more expensive than in online stores. However, you can visually evaluate the furniture, see its size, and check the quality of the material. Every furniture store from time to time holds sales, promotions, and discounts. Watch it and bide your time. Use promo codes and subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know about interesting offers. This advice is suitable for those who do not pursue fashion, because most often discounts and promotions are held for the sale of furniture from old collections or stale in warehouses.

Moving Sales

Most people who understand targeting say that moving sales is a great option for buying products at a discount. They have many advantages. You can immediately bring your favorite product home after purchase and do not waste time waiting for delivery. However, we believe that this type of sales also has disadvantages. For example, you have to take care of how to bring the furniture to the house. There is no guarantee that the furniture will not break during delivery. Also, while shopping, you may not find the model that suits you in all respects. You will have to choose because of the assortment that is available. This in turn limits your choice. When is the best time to buy outdoor furniture? Most often, such moving sales are arranged in late spring or early autumn, but the time may change.

Online Stores

Online shopping has long entered our lives as a convenient and practical alternative to the usual shopping trip. As for furniture, online stores are no exception. In many online stores, you can find cheap and high-quality products. and if you still choose the right time when the biggest discounts are available, you can get the most out of your purchase. However, before ordering, it is important to study all information about the company and reviews, so as not to fall into fraudulent schemes. Perhaps the only drawback is the fact that it is impossible to visually evaluate the product. In a regular store, people are used to touching items and analyzing their quality, but this is not possible with online shopping. Also, you will have to make every effort to return a set of furniture that you don’t like. Unfortunately, this is often not possible. Walking through furniture stores, you will spend more time. Faster cheaper furniture you will find on the Web. Their prices are below 25% interest. Only in this case, you need to look for the best offers. If you find reliable stores, and even those that work directly with the manufacturer, without renting sales halls, warehouses, the cost of furniture will be several thousand less.

Final Thoughts

So, when is the best time to buy patio furniture? The more time passes from the season when the demand for furniture is highest, the easier it is to find cheap and attractive options. If you have enough time to wait for delivery and buy furniture for the summer in advance, then why not look for models with discounts and promotions. As described in the article above, you can find such models both in regular stores and on the Internet. All these methods of purchase have both advantages and disadvantages. It turns out that furniture is also a seasonal product.

Naturally, prices are rising in parallel with demand. And it increases for each type of furniture in its own time. If you are trying to save your budget, you should not buy summer furniture in late spring or summer. It is during this period that manufacturers try to inflate the cost of goods because the demand for them is growing. But as soon as the end of August or the beginning of September begins, companies immediately arrange sales and promotions. This gives you a good opportunity to purchase your favorite set of furniture at an attractive price. As for the manufacturer, it all depends on your preferences and desires. We recommend that you study customer reviews in advance so that you don’t make a mistake.

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