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The Best Kids Art Tables For Painting & Drawing

If your child has started to get interested in drawing, and you want to grow out of it a Picasso or a talented artist, then he will definitely need kids drawing desk. Regardless of whether your child draws with pencils or likes paints more, the workplace is necessary for children at this age to develop their abilities. So that you can choose and buy the most suitable table for your child, we have compiled a list of the most suitable models. We hope this will help you invest in a suitable table so that your child develops all their skills and becomes a professional.



Most parents believe that choosing a table for a child is a very simple kids art table. After all, the furniture market has a huge range of tables with different functions and sizes. In fact, this is much more difficult, because you need to take into account all the needs of the baby and let it develop. Our first option, the Alex table, will do a great job with these tasks. This incredibly attractive table looks bright and stylish.

The table top has an oval shape, and the design looks bright. It will definitely appeal to the child because children love bright objects. One of the features of the model is the presence of a 100-foot roll of paper, it is already attached to the table, so at first, you do not even have to buy paper for drawing. The countertop can double for extra space. If your child needs a large work surface and likes to lay out all the pencils on the art table for 8 years old, then this model will definitely appeal to him. The set includes two benches, as well as several cups and a storage unit.

However, if you want to have even more space to put all the office supplies next to the table, then you can buy a small box on wheels and put it next to the furniture. If you study customer reviews, many parents note the quality and functionality of the table. It is suitable for children who love creativity and drawing.



This kids art desk is great for a child between the ages of 3 and 6. Magic drawing table will help your baby develop their drawing skills and learn something new. It is smaller in size than the previous model, but no less functional.

If you only have one child, but you are planning another one, then this table will be a great investment, because it will serve you for many years and will not fail. It is equipped with built-in trays and even an art albert. The kid will be able to draw with markers on the Board, as well as with chalk on the other side of the Board. You’ll also get a bench that can support up to 50 pounds. The product weighs 28 pounds, so it is easy to move it to different rooms.



If you have already stocked up on pencils, paints, brushes, crayons and other drawing supplies, but do not know where to put them, then take a closer look at this children’s drawing table. It will be the perfect choice for your child.

The set includes 6 multi-colored boxes that are stored on the side shelves. You can put all the accessories in them so that they are not scattered throughout the apartment. With this table, you will get an organized workspace for the child, and he will also learn order and accuracy. Moreover, there are additional compartments for storing various things, such as paper, sharpeners, rulers and other office supplies.

Another advantage of the table is excellent build quality. The legs are made of wood, so they are quite strong. The surface is made of birch plywood, which is an excellent material for furniture. The space of the table is covered with UV coating, which creates a smooth and smooth surface.

You will also get a paper roll that attaches to the child art desk. 50 feet of roll is a great bonus. As for age restrictions, the manufacturer recommends using the table for children over 3 years old. Some parents buy this model for children from 2 years old, which is also the best option. A child can use the table up to 6 years old because then the table will become too small.



One of the most common problems that parents face is growing up. Often the baby grows out of the table and has to buy new furniture. If you only have one child, then this is even more problematic. The brand seems to have resolved this issue. A unique art desk for a 6-year-old has been created that can be adjusted according to your baby’s height.

The table is distinctive compared to competing models, as it will last for many years. It is quite strong, and the design is made correctly. The chair can also be adjusted and its height can be changed. As for the table, it can be raised from 21 to 30 inches. The chair can be enlarged from 12.6 to 17.3 inches.

Moreover, this table is an excellent choice if you have several children. To reset your desktop settings, just click on the button and that’s it. So, the table is suitable for a child from 3 to 10 years old, since it is made with all the needs of children at this age in mind. You can also tilt it 40 degrees so that the child does not spoil his posture and keeps his back straight. You can buy the best kids art table with confidence.

In the kit, you get a box in which you can put all the stationery, as well as a hook for the bag.


Preschool age is the time when the baby’s personality is formed. He begins to learn to do something with his own hands – draw, sculpt from plasticine, collect puzzles and constructors. At this age, the baby becomes more diligent and patient. To increase the effectiveness of the educational process and preserve correct posture, it is necessary to properly organize the place for classes. To do this, you will need a children’s table and high chair specially made for children.


Before buying a child drawing desk, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the build and materials. The choice of table will affect the future development of the child, so its quality should be high. It is best to choose tables whose legs are made of wood, and the surface is made of birch. These materials are considered the strongest and most durable, so the table will last for at least 5 years and will not break. These tables are designed for children from about 3 to 7 years old, so they must be reliable and multifunctional. In our list, we have selected only the best models that are made by conscientious manufacturers and are not inferior in quality to competing options. That is why you can confidently buy any of these 8 tables and not be afraid for the health of your child.


The ability to adjust the parameters of youth art desks is another factor that affects the quality of the design. Most often in the furniture market, you can find tables that are rigid and do not change in parameters. This is quite inconvenient since all children have their own needs and desires. It is best to look at the models, the height, and other parameters of which can be changed and adjusted independently. For example, a brand like Vivo is an excellent indicator in this area. It gives customers the opportunity to change the main criteria of the table and adjust it to the wishes of the child and parents.


Be sure to pay attention to such a feature of the tables as ergonomics. This important indicator can affect your child’s health and posture. Children’s back is only developing, so it needs high-quality support. If you choose the wrong table, the child may have problems with the spine and curvature of posture. This is fraught with bad consequences in the future life. That is why it is important to choose children’s drawing desk that will provide back support and protect their health. Never use the table if the child has already grown out of it. If the table is small, the child will bend too much and spoil his back In this case it is better to buy a new one.


Of great importance is the fact that the table meets all the needs of your child. For example, if your child is very fond of drawing, it is better to buy an art table for 7-year-old with an additional easel so that they can develop their creative potential and learn new skills. At this point, the best is also the VIvo table, which has an additional easel. It tilts at an angle of 40 degrees, so the baby will be very comfortable to draw on it.


Of course, you really want to put all your drawing supplies in one place, but sometimes you don’t have enough drawers to store all your supplies. Therefore, it is better to choose tables that have trays and cups for additional things. This also allows you to develop the child’s skills to organize the work space and put everything in one place. Children will be able to learn how to store all their accessories carefully and clean them in time.



We want to describe 4 more children drawing tables that you might like. Kidkraft art table is a great option for young artists. Thanks to it, they will be able to unleash their full creative potential and develop artistic skills. Externally, the table is a wooden structure with several compartments for storing accessories. In the kit, you will get amount for roll paper. It will be located under the table. If your child is interested in drawing with paints such as gouache or watercolor, then you can use two plastic water cups that are located on the countertop. On both sides of the lower part, there are trays for storing various things. There you will be able to lay down their photo albums or books.

As for the main characteristics, the table height is 20 inches. Manufacturers claim that the table is recommended for children from 2 years old. If we talk about the maximum age, then parents mark 6 years, because, after this age, children grow up and become too big for the table.


Separately, I would like to highlight this child drawing desk for preschool age. Its main feature is the amount of storage space for all office supplies.

The table is equipped with an additional surface for drawing. This surface has removable cups for storing different materials. On the sides at the bottom, there are small shelves for storing books, albums, and other things. Thanks to them, you can organize the space on the work surface and teach your child to store everything in one place. Moreover, it is perfect for those parents who have two children. You get two stools in the set.

The weight of the table is very small, so it can be moved. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to assemble the table, as this process is very easy. The appearance of the table attracts attention because it is equipped with all the necessary parts that the child will need during the creative process. Many parents like the fact that the table can be placed in a corner. It is perfect for children from 2 to 6 years old.


We couldn’t miss the chance to include this table in our list of the best children drawing tables. As for the material, it is made of solid wood, so the structure is very strong and reliable. The surface of the countertop can be adjusted or tilted depending on your needs. The set includes four cups for storing writing supplies such as chalk, brushes, and pencils. Also, the table is equipped with a special Board so that you can hang paper.

Another bonus is that you have a 75-pound roll of paper, so you won’t have to buy more at first. Agree that this is a good addition when buying a table for a baby. The roll is under the table, so your child can start drawing right away. If we talk about age limits, the manufacturer recommends using the table for children from 3 to 7 years.

The appearance of the child’s drawing table also deserves attention. It is made of red, blue, and yellow parts, so it will definitely attract your child’s attention. On the legs of the table, you will see the cut out stars that are very unusual. Everyone knows that children love bright toys and figures, so the table will definitely surprise the child. You will also get a bench included.


This table was the last in the list of the best youth art desks. If we talk about its characteristics, it is quite small. Its dimensions are only 19 by 24 inches at the base. Externally, it looks very functional and stylish. On the upper part, you will see a special easel that stands at an angle of almost 90 degrees so that the child can draw on it. The easel is a magnetic white Board on a red base. It is also equipped with a clip to attach regular paper if the child likes to draw with pencils. The size of the base of the easel is 13 by 20 inches, which is an excellent indicator and convenient for children.

The structure itself is very strong and reliable and will serve you for a long time. This chair will be the best option for children from 3 to 7 years. You will also get trays for storing accessories and 6 bins for other things. There is additional space on the back panel, so you can definitely place all the necessary items that your baby loves so much. There are trays under the table. You also get a chair without a back, so the child will be able to train their posture and develop physical condition.

Each child needs to have their own table to develop skills not only in writing but also in drawing. It is important for parents to take a responsible approach to the choice of this furniture, as it will affect the development of the physical and mental health of the baby. You need to choose a design that does not harm the child. Also pay attention to the color, design, height of the table, and the material that was used to make the furniture. All these nuances are important. We hope that our article will help you decide and you will buy the best toddler drawing table for your child.

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