The 5 Best home theater curtains

The 5 Best home theater curtains

Would you like to make a real theater at home? If so, movie curtains will be a mandatory attribute for it. To create a real look at the theater, you need to take a serious approach to choosing curtains that should be quite dense and fit into the interior.

If you purchase the appropriate movie theater curtains, you will be able to enjoy watching movies. Blackout curtains can reduce light filtering and create an atmosphere like in a real theater. They are also important for creating excellent acoustics and reducing noise. On the market, you can find a fairly large range of different curtains. However, it is very important to choose them responsibly, because not all manufacturers produce high-quality goods. That is why we want to present to you with our article with a list of the 5 best options for home theater.

Choosing the Best Blackout Curtains for Home Theaters

Let’s look at the main advantages of curtains for home theater, so you can decide.

Darken the Room

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to darken the room completely. Blackout curtains can block about 85-95 percent of the light that enters the room through windows and doors. Thanks to this ability, the room will be dark enough for the TV screen to be bright and there will be no unnecessary glare.

Improve Acoustics

In order to make watching movies really interesting and fascinating, it is very important to pay attention to the sound. Acoustic curtains can hold up to 40% of various noise and echoes. This is a great addition if you want to watch a movie on your own, but your family is in other rooms and making noise. If you have wooden floors that can degrade the sound quality, then curtains will level this effect and make the sound incredibly good.

Some Energy Efficiency

It’s hard to believe, but theater room curtains can save heat inside the room. Curtains that are equipped with a thermal insulation function will help you reduce your electricity costs by about 25%. They are able to keep warm even in winter. Well, in the summer, the room will not receive sunlight, so the room will have an optimal temperature.


Ultimately, with these curtains, you can create a cool atmosphere inside the room like in a real theater. Isn’t it great to watch a movie with your family in an atmospheric room?

Choosing the Best Blackout Curtains for Home Theaters

Dimensions: Keep in mind that the curtains should completely cover the Windows. Their length should be the distance from the ceiling to the floor itself, so as not to let in sunlight and light.

Fabric Weight & Thickness: When choosing theater room curtains, be aware that the thicker the fabric, the better it can reduce the amount of light and sunlight entering it. The thickness also affects the acoustics. Heavy fabric reduces noise and interfering sounds better.

Materials: Most often, polyester or a mixture are used to make curtains. This material is considered to be quite high-quality and curtains made of it do not have to pay too much. Prices for materials are affordable. If you can afford a more expensive option, then look at the velvet curtains. Their quality is not inferior to polyester, but the price is much higher.

Insulation: Often curtains consist of several layers, one of which is insulating. This fabric will help you get rid of the heat in the summer months, as well as keep warm in the cold season.

Colors & Textures: Like any other home theater curtain idea, these can be presented in different colors. The color gamut is not limited to black. But it is believed that darker colors better preserve the darkness in the room. This does not mean that you can`t buy light models. Choose the color of the curtains in accordance with the interior of your room, so as not to make a mistake. As for the texture, it all depends on your tastes and preferences. If you want curtains like in a real theater, then look at the velvet. If you can’t afford them, it’s better to buy cotton or polyester ones.

Mounting Style: In General, there are only two mounting options-grommets and pockets for rods. Curtains with grommets usually just slide along the cornice. And curtains with pocket rods have small holes to hang them on the cornice. Your choice will depend only on your preferences.

Price: The last point that most buyers are interested in is the price. Blackout home theater curtain ideas made of high-quality material can`t be very cheap. Their price is determined by the size and material. If we talk about the minimum price, it is about $ 25. The maximum price can reach hundreds.

Nicetown Pitch Black Curtains

These home theater curtains have collected about 30,000 reviews. On Amazon, this brand is one of the most famous, and its products are bought very often. The advantages of this option are its versatility and the ability to select parameters. The length and width can be changed to suit your needs. The manufacturer also provides a color scheme of 20 colors, so you can definitely arrange your home theater to your taste.

The curtains were made of polyester fabric, which is 100% of the material. The manufacturer used weaving, which provides sufficient thickness and weight of curtains. They are plush and pleasant to the touch and look very stylish and elegant. With the help of the upper grommets, curtains will be very easy to hang.

With them, you can get rid of 85% of the C that penetrates through Windows and doors. if you want to make the room as dark as possible, then look at black or brown. Dark blue will also block out some of the light as much as possible. After buying these curtains, you can enjoy watching movies as if in a real theater.

Deconovo Foil Print Blackout Curtains

Most often, curtains for the theater are monophonic. If you are a fan of something refined and unusual, then be sure to look at this brand. The manufacturer offers you to buy curtains with interesting drawings and a foil print. They look as fashionable and stylish as possible. Relief waves made of foil look incredibly aesthetic and modern.

As for the material, one hundred percent polyester is used here. The curtains are quite soft and pleasant to the touch, and they look incredible on the outside. The same rule applies to them when choosing a color. The darker the curtains, the less light can enter your room. To hang theater drapes, you can use 8 metal grommets. They are perfect for any cornice. As for cleaning, the curtains can be washed without fear that something will happen to them. They will remain in perfect condition for many years to come.

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtains

What’s special about these home theater curtains? They are made of high-quality material, so they are incredibly soft and silky to the touch. They are perfect for home theater. They are slightly smaller in size than other models, but this is not a problem.

You can also choose the size that suits you. The combination of color and stylish patterns make the home theater drapes very beautiful and modern. Another feature is the ability to choose between grommets and rod pockets.

Deconovo Insulated Room Darkening Curtains

If your windows face the sunny side and you often suffer from too bright light, then be sure to think about this model. Media room curtains are perfect for creating darkness inside the room, as well as for thermal insulation.

They are made of polyester fabric and an additional special layer that will help get rid of excess light. It is best to buy black, brown or chocolate curtains to minimize the level of light inside. Moreover, these curtains can be washed in a regular washing machine. This is very convenient because housewives do not like the cleaning process.

Best Home Fashion Premium Blackout Curtain

The latest model on our list is the media room curtain. They are made of polyester and are considered very thick. The manufacturer used an innovative triple weave. Thanks to tests, it was found that the curtains block about 99% of the light, so you will definitely be in complete darkness when watching movies. They are able to keep warm in the winter season, and also do not miss the heat in the summer months.

You can choose from 9 different colors. As for the length, there are 6 options in the range (from 63 to 120 inches). Each panel is equipped with 16 bronze grommets. The curtains will hang very beautifully and elegantly and create an atmosphere of theater. As for care, there are no restrictions.

In addition to the appearance, these curtains can boast of excellent quality. According to reviews, they are not only incredibly modern and stylish but also perfectly protect the room from excess light from the outside.


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