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The kitchen should be as comfortably equipped as possible, and first of all its convenience will depend on the chosen layout. The layout of the kitchen (whether it is l shaped kitchen witch island or another) is influenced by many factors: the location in the apartment, its size and shape, the number of family members, and, of course, the location of utilities. All these points should be taken into account at the stage of developing a design project and before purchasing furniture. Of course, you can just update the furniture and change your old one to a modern one. But after a while, you may realize that this is an impractical solution. There are different layouts, one of which will definitely be the key to creating a functional and safe space. In this article, we will look at the main types of kitchen layouts.

We will tell you about the options from the most standard layouts to u shaped kitchen layout with island.


The galley – shaped kitchen consists of two rows of cabinets. They stand parallel to each other and there is space between them. This type of furniture placement is used when the kitchen is through or elongated. In this case, the furniture is located along two parallel walls.

Pros: This layout will be a functional solution for kitchens with a design position. It is perfect for those who are trying to save a couple of hundred dollars and find a budget option. With this layout, the furniture has no extra corners, so there is no need to buy additional shelves and accessories.

Cons: if your family often cooks food for several people, then for them the layout will seem cramped and inconvenient. It may also appear dark, as it consists of upper cabinets. If you have a few windows in your kitchen or they are located on the dark side, then there will be little light in the kitchen.

As for the installation of the kitchen, there are several rules to consider. First, choose the option that best suits the size of the kitchen and space on it. It is best to choose from European brands, as they can attract you with quality and functionality. Second, take care of the lighting. Work areas should have sufficient natural light, as this is necessary for cooking. Also, consider options for lighting under the Cabinet and on the ceiling. If the light is not enough in this case, then look for options made of mahogany. They make the kitchen look brighter. If you do not want to make all the cabinets from this material, then at least make the upper ones. If you choose this option, make sure that there is enough space between the cabinets facing each other so that their doors can be opened at the same time. It is better to place the stove and sink on one wall, and the refrigerator on the other. This is a safer option: no one will get burned by moving hot dishes from one table to another. The refrigerator door should not block the free space when it is open.


The l-shaped kitchen is considered practical and functional. Perhaps this layout is one of the most popular because it is suitable even for small kitchens. It consists of two cabinets that are located perpendicular to each other. This layout is suitable for installation in the corner of the kitchen. The top corner of the kitchen with this layout can be decorated in two ways: cabinets with a right angle, without an additional headset inside, or cabinets in the form of a trapezoid with an additional headset. The corner at the bottom can be used for washing, cooking, or working areas, and you can also put convenient corner cabinets with drawers

Pros: one of the main advantages is versatility. This layout is suitable for both small and spacious rooms. each piece of furniture can be increased in length, so you can adjust the size of the entire structure depending on your capabilities. High-quality furniture will allow you to place all the necessary items in the kitchen. The open floor plan provides additional space for convenient cooking.

Cons: due to the shape in the form of a triangle, there is such a disadvantage as the distance between the most necessary kitchen appliances. There may be a lot of space between the refrigerator and the sink, which is not always convenient. If several people are cooking in the kitchen at the same time, it may be difficult to organize a work area. You may also need additional kitchen accessories.

As for the rules for installing the kitchen, there are few of them. L-shaped kitchen gives you a wide choice of how to put cabinets. If the kitchen is large, the distance between the work centers (sink, stove, refrigerator) increases, so these centers should be placed closer to each other, leaving the work surface between them. With this layout, there is room for a comfortable dining area in the kitchen. In addition, you should not install built-in appliances in the corner sections of furniture, so as not to obstruct access to the doors of the adjacent cabinet.


U shaped kitchen island consists of three parts, which are in contact with the walls. In a kitchen with this layout, there is usually a lot of space for storing dishes and food.

Pros: thanks to this layout, you can use a lot of space to store everything you need in the kitchen and for cooking. You will have access to different types of working areas. The distance between these zones will be small, so the cooking process will be easy and convenient. If there are several cooks or guests in the kitchen, there is enough space for everyone. You can easily move around the kitchen and do not limit your actions.

Cons: this layout is suitable for large kitchens. The design contains a larger number of lockers, so you will have to buy more accessories.

As for installing u shaped kitchen with island, there are a few rules. For such a kitchen layout, its lighting will be very important, since the ceiling will definitely not be enough. Do not block the Windows with furniture. think in advance about how to additionally illuminate the dining area, cooking area, and washing area. For this purpose, you can use both mounted spotlights, led ice lamps, and fluorescent lighting


Most often they are used for l shaped kitchen with island. It is a separate structure that does not touch the walls or other furniture. The island is an excellent opportunity to use additional space when cooking or storing kitchen accessories.

Pros: of course, the island layout offers many more possibilities than the previous options. You can install household appliances (dishwasher, oven) on the Island. On the other hand, you can use it for cooking and as a separate area. Often the island is used for recreation because it includes a special space.

Cons: it is obvious that such an l shaped kitchen island takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. Therefore, it is unlikely to suit those who have a small kitchen. In addition, it is important to choose the right island for the layout of your finished kitchen. Due to the fact that this design has become very popular, many people start buying l-shaped kitchen island regardless of the kitchen layout and make a mistake. The design will only be useful if it perfectly complements and fits into your kitchen.

As for the installation, everything is very simple. Choose in advance the place where you want to put it and decide on the dimensions. For verification, you can stick on the floor with tape and evaluate how the design will look. In the traditional version, a table with a sink or stove is placed in the middle of the kitchen. This space can also be used as a work surface. Choose the shape of the island to match the shape of your kitchen. If the kitchen is square, then the island should be square, not rectangular. For a large kitchen, you can use an island of rounded dimensions or non-standard shapes, or attach a small island to the main one. This solution will allow you to perform different types of work or cook and eat at the same time.

If you want to have an additional area in the kitchen, but you don’t have much space for l shaped kitchen with island, then the Peninsula will be an alternative option. A peninsular kitchen is any of the kitchen layout options with an additional release of either a work surface or a Cabinet with a sink or stove. As a rule, this is a ledge that separates the kitchen from the dining room. It can also be used as a bar counter or serving table.

We hope that this article will help you make the right choice and create the perfect kitchen layout for yourself. If you still have any questions, you can always contact specialists who will give you advice to solve the problem.

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