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Killer Captain’s Chair Exercises

Not everyone who wants to play sports has the opportunity to go to the gym or to the sports grounds. This is where the home captains chair gym comes to the rescue, which has become very popular recently among horizontal bars. they involve a large number of muscle groups, and therefore should always be performed among the first, and can`t be isolating. They are good at gaining weight, increasing strength, and endurance. In addition, it is not necessary to do these exercises only with your own weight – just hang a few disks on your belt. But there are two pieces of news for you: good and bad. Let’s start with the bad one. Such a sports simulator is difficult to find and buy. They appear on the market very rarely, but if you are lucky enough to buy it, then you can be happy. Today we want to show you the 9 best abs exercises you can do with captain’s chair exercise equipment.

What Muscles Does Captain’s Chair Exercise Work?

So, first of all, captain’s chair exercise is aimed at developing the muscles of the press. With it, you can pump not only the rectus abdominis but also the oblique and abdominal muscles. You will do exercises for the muscles of the press in isolation, which means that you will definitely achieve an amazing result. A pumped press is not only beautiful but also useful. Do not ignore abdominal exercises, no matter how hard they may be given to you. Let’s talk about why you need to pump your abs. Your performance in all other exercises involving the body directly depends on how well your abs are developed. Weak abs will become an obstacle to a beautiful body. Your internal organs are protected by layers of muscle. The stronger these muscles are, the less likely you are to get injured not only during training but also in everyday life. The abdominal muscles also play an important role in the health of the spine. They correct your posture and remove your stoop.

The Most Common Captain’s Chair Exercise Mistakes

How to properly pump your abs without visiting the gym? Not only the exercise program is important here, but also motivation, nutrition, and proper technique. It is also important that the technique of pumping the press is one of the elements on the way to a beautiful stomach. If you do them incorrectly, your result will not be achieved.

  • Don’t use momentum. Perhaps most people who start playing sports and pumping their abdominal muscles make this mistake. Sometimes you want to lift your legs with the help of momentum, but this action will not allow you to achieve perfect abs cubes. You should use the abdominal muscles, and your legs should be relaxed. If you strain the press, it will become a relief.
  • You can’t arch your back. When you start lifting your legs, you may unconsciously start arching your back. This will not allow you to fully engage all the necessary muscles and pump them up.
  • Wrong breathing. This is one of the most common mistakes. People, pumping the press, do not pay attention to how they breathe, meanwhile, only with proper breathing can you come to a positive result in a short time and practically without experiencing pain in the joints and muscles after training. Most often it happens like this: a person holds his breath for 4-5 ascents, then greedily gasps for air, takes a deep breath, and again does not breathe during several ascents. But the muscles need oxygen, and especially during training. They can’t work properly without it.
  • Engage the body before lifting the legs. It is very important that the muscles of the press work as much as possible.

Captains Chair Exercises Setup (Starting Position)

Captain’s chair exercise at home allows you to pump all the abdominal muscles, while a load of internal organs and the spine when performing them is minimized. It would seem that there is nothing difficult in exercises on the bars for the press. Many could observe how easily and simply the relief guys in the gym performed them without making an effort. But it is worth admitting that it is much easier to observe this than to pull it off yourself. Regardless of the exercise, there are basic rules that are important to follow.

  1. Hands should be placed on the crossbars and rest on the forearms.
  2. Your back should rest against a special pillow.
  3. Your legs should be hanging down and relaxed.

Exercises For Beginners

Thanks to the exercises on the bars, you can swing not only the muscles of the arms: the crossbars are also perfect for fans of the relief press. Definitely, this type of exercise can be accompanied by difficulties for those who do not have the necessary physical training. However, if you follow the recommendations and techniques for performing the press on the bars, you can pump up in a short time, without going to extremes and hard training. Let’s start with the exercises for beginners that you can do with captain’s chair workout.


Knee Raise


The first captain’s chair knee raise is suitable for those who have no experience in training for the press. However, it is very effective. Below you will find the rules for the execution technique:

  • Starting position – the body is located with its back to the wall. The arms, bent at the elbow joints, are held firmly on the bars.
  • The weight of the body is transferred completely to the hands. The emphasis is on the elbows. The legs are straight and do not touch the wall or floor.
  • With the effort of the abdominal press, the body is bent at the hip joints, and straight legs are brought forward.
  • In this position, the legs remain for the maximum possible time, after which they slowly return to the starting position without sudden movements.
  • To train on the uneven bars, you need to have strong forearms that can hold your body weight for quite a long time. The main work is also performed by the lower part of the press and the upper surface of the thighs. Additionally, biceps and triceps are included.

Leg Raise

The next simple exercise for beginners that will strengthen the torso muscles. Straight legs rise to parallel with the floor and are fixed for the maximum possible time for the athlete. Thus, the main load falls on the straight and oblique muscles of the press, indirectly – on the front surface of the thigh.

Starting position – hands on the horizontal bar.

  • The grip is shoulder-width apart.
  • The stomach is retracted. The back is straight.
  • Straight legs rise to an angle of 90 degrees or slightly lower.
  • The raised legs are held motionless.
  • At first, beginners can perform the exercise by simply slowly raising and lowering their legs, without delay in the L-position. Also, to increase the load, it is recommended to attach weights to the legs or ask a colleague in the gym to slightly press on the legs from above.
  • The back should remain straight and not overly loaded throughout the exercise. Perform all movements smoothly, without sudden jerks.

Leg Hold

This captain’s chair leg raise exercise is very similar to the previous one. So, here’s what you need to do.

  • Take the starting position.
  • Lift your legs and lock them at a 90-degree angle.
  • Keep your feet in this position for about 30 seconds for beginners. If your physical fitness allows, you can keep your feet in this position for longer.

The main advantage of such press exercises is the ability to develop abdominal endurance and learn how to work with your own weight. Such exercises are considered quite productive for pumping straight, oblique, and lower abdominal muscles.

Intermediate Exercises

If you have completed all the exercises for beginners, you can proceed to the next block. These exercises for the press are more difficult, but the result will please you. Don’t forget about the execution technique. To do this, we have described the rules for each exercise below.

Side Knee Raise

This captain’s chair exercise is similar to the previous one, but it is complicated by movements.

  • Take the starting position. Relax your back and press it firmly against the back. The back should not be involved in the exercise.
  • Raise your knees to a 90-degree angle.
  • Make the ascent to the right and then to the left.
  • The higher the legs are raised, the greater the load on the press. For a good result, 10-15 repetitions are enough.

Do exercises without jerks and swings. What matters is not the number of repetitions, but how you feel your muscles. If the body sways while moving, ask someone to support you from behind. To avoid injury to the spine, go down from the horizontal bar slowly and in any case do not jump off it.

Side captain’s chair knee raise is aimed at working out the oblique abdominal muscles and the side area. In addition to them, the iliopsoas muscles are also included in the work. An excellent exercise of moderate difficulty, which will add efficiency to your training program on the bar.

Bicycle Crunches

Exercises “Bicycle” and “scissors” are known to everyone. However, performing them on the bar, You will achieve a much greater effect. With captain’s chair leg raise, you can get relief press cubes, but you will have to work hard. In this case, the abdominal muscles get a more serious load and the tummy gets the desired shape faster.

  • First, take the starting position.
  • Raise one knee to chest level at a 90-degree angle.
  • Without delay, start lifting the other leg.
  • Alternately pull up the knees without delay at the highest point.
  • Perform exercises in motion. Repeat the leg changes as often as you can depending on your fitness. Do not give up, do it, and you will not notice how everything will go to a Bang. Try to breathe evenly, following the rhythm of inhaling – down, exhaling – up.
  • Directly during training, exhale when you strain your muscles, and when you relax, inhale. Proper breathing is necessary so that your heart does not overwork, and your muscles contract as much as possible. However, as an exception for high-intensity work (for example, when you do “bike” on the horizontal bar), you can set a different rhythm to your breathing. The main thing is to stick to it throughout the exercise.

Advanced Exercises

So, let’s move on to the last block of controls for experienced athletes who have mastered the previous ones. When you’ve mastered the simpler exercises and want to kick it up a gear then these are the exercises for you! Let’s take a closer look at captain’s chair leg raises.

Scissor Kicks

There are two types of exercise. In the simplest case, in the “Corner” position, make counter vertical swings with your feet, imitating the movements of the swimmer’s legs. A more complex option is horizontal scissors when the legs are crossed with a change in their position in the vertical plane with each swing.

  • After taking the starting position, raise your left leg to 45 degrees.
  • Then switch legs.
  • Lower your left and raise your right.
  • Perform the exercise in motion, repeating the change of legs.

Weighted Leg Raises

This is a complicated version of the previous block exercises for beginners. In addition to chair leg lifts, you will use cargo.

  • Raise your legs to your chest. Weight should be placed between the feet. Use dumbbells for this (hold them between your legs, performing lifts), a pancake from a barbell (holding your head, swinging the press upside down). However, you should not perform a set of exercises daily. The abdominal muscles need at least one day to rest and recover.

Criss – Cross

This captain’s chair abs is one of the most difficult, so it is suitable for experienced athletes.


  • First, take the starting position as in the previous versions. After that, lift your feet at about 90 degrees.
  • Lift your left leg and move it over your right.
  • Then put them parallel to each other again. Do the same with your right leg.
  • This exercise should be performed slowly and consciously so that the muscles of the press begin to work.

This exercise for the press on the horizontal bar helps to evenly engage the entire muscular corset, with special emphasis on the rectus abdominis muscle. Because of the static hold, the stabilization muscles are activated and the grip is strengthened. The muscles of the thighs and buttocks also work.

Single Leg Lifts

And the last exercise on our list was the most difficult for trained people. It engages your abs and helps you achieve the perfect result.

  • Take the starting position. Slowly lift only one leg 90 degrees so that it is parallel to the floor.
  • You should avoid swinging your legs, swinging and throwing your legs. This is a fairly short controlled movement.
  • Then lower your leg and lift the other one. The back is pressed against the pillow, excess mobility in the thoracic region is removed.
  • Perform the leg lift the required number of times.


With the help of exercises for the press on the horizontal bar, you can not only tighten your stomach but also in a short time pump the muscle corset and strengthen the whole body. You can train your abs on the floor, but it is the exercise on the crossbar that will help you reach a new level of physical fitness. Your body will be improved from a functional and visual point of view. This equipment is suitable for both men and women and is more efficient by performing more movements on it.

Beginners should start with simple exercises such as lifting their legs and knees. If you are more experienced, then come to complex options. By the way, an important advantage of swinging the press with the captain’s chair before the same push-UPS is that the result of this projectile is achieved faster and can be seen after a few exercises. The specifics of the captain’s chair require the athlete to make a lot of effort to lift and hold the entire body above the ground, but thanks to this, the body performs the role of an excellent weight, which increases the effectiveness of the exercise and affects almost all the muscles. Try to exercise as much as possible feeling the muscles of the press. Don’t try to do it as many times as possible. Performing more times with the wrong position and straining the wrong muscles will not lead to anything.

Most people can`t see the cherished “cubes” because of fat accumulation on the waist. At the same time, no matter how hard they train their abs, they can’t lose weight. You can`t get rid of subcutaneous fat only in the abdominal area. Weight loss occurs all over the body at once. Therefore, in addition to training on the horizontal bar, it is necessary to adjust the diet in favor of reducing carbohydrate food and engage in cardio training: running, Cycling, mobile game disciplines, aerobics, dancing.

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