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10 Best Portable Closets Reviews 2020 | Quick Storage Solution

Best portable closets provide a great opportunity to optimize the space in your home and store a lot of clothes and other items in a small area. With this advantage, the Cabinet complements and decorates the interior. It is important to choose the right model that will allow you to store both outerwear and casual clothing. In such a closet, clothes will be clean and tidy. You don’t need to worry about months or dirt in the closet. The wardrobe will perfectly protect all your clothes and will remain in perfect condition. One of the most important tasks is to choose a Cabinet. Read our article in order not to make a mistake.

Types of Portable Closets

In short, there are two main designs of the best portable closet: the attire rack and the closed one, in which the clothes are inside.

Basic Dress Rack

This Cabinet is a classic design with simple hangers for clothes. It is suitable for those people who lead an active lifestyle and quickly change clothes. It is located in an open space and always at hand. This is a very practical and versatile option.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback of such a portable dresser. since clothing is not protected by Cabinet doors, dust and other dirt may settle on it. You will have to pay more attention to this and clean your clothes more often.

Enclosed Portable Closet

This option will be the best solution for people who care about the versatility and functionality of furniture. With this wardrobe, you will be able to accommodate in one place all the necessary attributes of clothing and accessories. The Cabinet is more suitable not only for using things every day but also for long-term storage. For example, in the summer, outerwear, jackets, and coats can be stored in the closet. This is very convenient and helps to save space in the apartment.

Installing a wardrobe is as easy as a standard wardrobe. You don’t need any extra skills or effort to do this. To

You don`t need to worry about the safety of your clothes, because the covers protect it from getting extra dust and dirt. Moreover, the enclosed portable closet is equipped with good ventilation, which will help get rid of the smell of stale clothes. As for the covers, they can be made of different materials. The range includes polyester and canvas covers that will attract you with water resistance and easy cleaning.

No amount of dust and dirt can cause such irreparable damage as the ubiquitous clothing locust does. Owners of natural silk, wool, and fur items when choosing a cover first of all think about protection from moths. The slightest hole can lead to parting with an expensive fur coat or silk dress. Therefore, enclosed portable closets are better.

What to Look Before Buying a Portable Closet?

There are several nuances that are very important to learn when buying a portable closet. We have prepared a special guide for you that will make it easier to choose furniture. After reading our tips, you can easily choose the most suitable option for yourself and not make a mistake. First, we want to talk more about the internal design of the closet and point out the most important points to pay attention to.


First, one of the most important points is the choice of material. It is also not necessary to look closely at the options in which there is hard and low-quality fabric. Since the Cabinet periodically needs to be wiped from dust and dirt, the material must be resistant to various types of damage and scratches. It is better to choose from those models that will not deteriorate due to moisture and dirt. The right choice of material is a guarantee that the furniture will serve you for a very long time.

Quality of The Zippers

Now let’s talk more about the zippers on the covers. Obviously, zippers are the most versatile option for cases to make them easy to use. The zipper should be strong, so it is better to check its quality in advance. If possible, ask the sellers to conduct a small strength test before buying. It is best to check how much weight the lightning can withstand in advance. Some stores offer this service.

How to Choose The Best Portable Closet?

We have compiled a list of 10 portable coat closets by quality, namely texture, and fabric. The models described below are perfect for storing clothes for a long time, and also keeps things in excellent quality.

Despite the fact that such a Cabinet can take up a lot of space, we have selected options for different sizes. In our selection, you will find cabinets from 36 to 60 inches, so at least one of them will definitely attract your attention. Each model has a choice of colors. You can buy the perfect option for your apartment or house.

YOU Wardrobe Storage Clothes

First on our list is best portable wardrobe. If you always face such a problem that you have nowhere to put your clothes or shoes, then this model will help you with the solution.

With hanging rods and additional shelves, you can store all your clothes in one place. After buying such furniture, all your shoes, outerwear, hats, children’s items, as well as rarely used items will be neatly stored in the closet.

Pros: According to customer reviews, the main advantages are simple Assembly, which does not require much time and additional effort, stylish and elegant design, capacity, and small size, which saves space. Also, good benefits are the water resistance and stability of the structure, which guarantees the use of the Closet for many years.

The disadvantages include useless instructions. No other deviations were detected.

Whitmor Extra-Wide Clothes Closet

The main advantage of this portable closet to hang clothes is simple Assembly and compact size. The manufacturer guarantees that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to install closet. It is very spacious and functional. In addition, thanks to its size, you can install the closet in the bedroom, garage, Dorm, dacha, and anywhere else. It is made of high-quality and durable materials, so it will hold up to 50 pounds of clothing.

As for the color selection, the closet can be white or blue. It gives you the opportunity to choose the best option. You don’t have to use any additional tools to build it. In such a closet, clothes will remain clean for a long time. It will not start any insects and will not get dust. The set includes a cover and a zipper. As such, it is a charming option for storing a large number of items in a small room.

Pros: the steel frame and roominess make this Closet stand out from other competitors. It is quite spacious and stable, so it attracts the attention of many buyers.

Cons: in some reviews, you can find a mention of too thin cover and questionable quality of the material.

SONGMICS 59″ Portable Clothes

This portable coat closet belongs to the line of premium furniture. Its size is 59 inches. The outer surface looks smooth and attractive. It is made of water-resistant fabric material and a non-woven cover.

As for the structure of the structure, the closet consists of a front rack, two large shelves under the suspended segments, and 10 small shelves on both sides. one of the main advantages is the capacity. You can safely store large items of clothing in the closet that you rarely wear. So, in the summer, you can fold your outerwear and not think about where to store it. if you study the reviews of other customers, then there were never any complaints about the appearance.

Pros: the main advantages of the model include the stability and strength of the rods, which can withstand the heavyweight of clothing. The structure itself is very light, so it is easy to move. It takes only about 30 minutes to build. The Portable closet stands perfectly on the floor and does not wobble.

Cons: some buyers note the poor quality of the connectors, which sometimes fail and break. Not everyone likes using plastic as a construction material.

KOUSI Portable Clothes Closet

A brand like KOUSI has established itself in the furniture market as a conscientious manufacturer of high-QUALITY furniture. This best portable wardrobe is no exception. It is made of polymer materials and elastic steel pipes. This means that it will serve you for a long time. You don’t have to use any additional tools to build it. It is enough to do everything according to the instructions.

As for the features of this model, it consists of a large choice of size and capacity. If you have a lot of clothes, then the 25-inch version will suit you. If you are going to store only basic things, then look at the 8-inch ones. The range also includes 16 and 20 inches. This way you can choose the size of the closet yourself, depending on your own priorities.

Moreover, you can change the size of each segment yourself to fit clothes and shoes the way you want. Each section is equipped with suspended rails and holds about 20 pounds.

The appearance of the closet is very elegant and attractive. It is suitable for almost any apartment, bedroom, corridor, and other premises. To clean the panels, you just need to use a damp cloth. They are waterproof and resistant to moisture moreover, On the door, you can find a handle with a hole, which is ventilation for air circulation.

Positive: this model boasts strong rods and reliable construction. Manufacturers use waterproof and dust-proof materials, so clothing remains in perfect condition.

Cons: the frame is not very strong. This is why the Portable closet can sometimes lose its shape.

LANGRIA Heavy Duty Clothes Rack

If we talk about the LANGRIA brand, we can immediately recall security. This is why the company is far ahead in comparison with its competitors. Heavy duty wardrobe closet consists of fabric parts and additional solid metal racks. This is done so that the furniture is more stable and does not wobble. Despite the presence of metal racks, you can`t worry about rust. The fact is that the manufacturer used a black finish, so you will not encounter such a problem.

The appearance of the Cabinet is very elegant. The design consists of three large racks and two small ones, so you can fold any type of clothing. Eco-friendly materials and Oxford fabric will allow you to use the wardrobe for several years. The material perfectly passes air, so that things do not retain a bad smell. It is resistant to tearing and damage.

A special feature of the model is the fact that it can withstand a weight of 420 pounds. This indicator is much higher compared to similar models, which is an advantage. To assemble the closet, you need to use the instructions that are included.

Pros: fans of stylish and modern design will definitely appreciate this portable Wardrobe. It is quite strong and water-resistant, so clothes and shoes will remain clean.

Cons: some parts are missing from the kit, which complicates the Assembly process. After a few months of use, the Closet may lose its shape.

Whitmor Portable Wardrobe Clothes

This best portable wardrobe closet is one of the best, but it can be found at a reasonable price. Like previous models, it can be installed in almost any room: bedroom, corridor, living room, Dorm. The manufacturer used high-quality breathable fabric, so the clothes stored in it will be in perfect condition. There will be no smell of stale clothes or shoes. All things will be fresh and clean.

In the kit, you will get a steel frame for additional durability of the structure. Strong metal will allow the structure to stand straight and still, even if you are hanging heavy clothes. Wear-resistant nylon zipper will provide you with easy and convenient storage of all necessary items.

The closet will hold clothing weighing up to 50 pounds. This is an excellent indicator compared to other competitors. As for the cleaning process, it is easier than ever. All you need to do is remove the cloth and wash it.

To assemble or disassemble the structure, you do not have to spend a lot of time and energy. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail for comfortable use of the Cabinet

After such a purchase, you will be able to store your clothes and shoes in one place in a neat and practical way. Allows you to organize space in the house and save extra space.

Pros: thanks to the fabric cover, which is perfectly breathable, your clothes will not smell. All the smell will be eroded by ventilation. Cleaning the material will not be difficult, and a reliable zipper will ensure the safety of your belongings.

Cons: unfortunately, the Closet is not very stable and quite flimsy. The quality of the rod leaves much to be desired, so many customers do not like it.

UDEAR Portable Wardrobe Storage

Portable closet for hanging clothes from this brand will give you an incredible opportunity to put a huge amount of clothes in it. A large number of compartments and sections allow you to store different types of clothing separately.

If you are looking for a roomy, but small wardrobe, this is the best understand the nuances of installing the design, you will have to spend about 5 minutes. The manufacturer made sure that the Assembly did not bring unnecessary trouble.

As for the structure of the closet, it consists of a holder area, a steel pipe, and compartments for things. You can also use additional side pockets that are designed for accessories and small items. For example, you can put an umbrella, hat, scarf, or purse there. So, you can put all the necessary items in one closet and not look for them when they are so needed.

Pros: if you highlight the main advantages, it is important to note the excellent capacity and the presence of additional space in the closet, which allows you to fold even more clothes. The construction is quite strong and reliable. Customer service is also a plus.

Cons: for some customers, the instructions turned out to be very incomprehensible and not informative, so it is difficult to assemble a wardrobe using them. Some rods may bend because they are flimsy.

Whitmor Portable Closet Storage Organizer

This model is perfect for those people who most often hang clothes on hangers so that it is smooth and even. Speaking of the size of the strong portable closet, the overall size is 36 inches. This is the best option for both small and large rooms. So, the closet can be installed in the office, because its design will fit perfectly into any space.

There are two colors in the range: white and blue. the price of this product is quite affordable, so if you want to save a little, then buy this model with confidence.

Despite its small size, the Cabinet can hold up to 50 pounds of clothing. Zipper closure allows you to close the closet so that extra dust does not get there. The fabric will not allow insects or excess moisture to pass through, so the clothes will remain intact.

Pros: this closet pleases customers with an additional window to view the internal contents of the wardrobe. The fabrics are dirt-repellent, so it is easy to clean. You can also close the Cabinet completely to prevent excess dust, moisture, or dirt from entering. The structure is quite light, so it can be moved or carried. Good quality materials are also among the advantages.

Cons: When you receive the wardrobe, you may feel an unpleasant smell after delivery. The structure may fall.

Tespo Portable Closet for Hanging Clothes

You can use the maximum room space with this large portable closet. The design consists of 5 3D lockers that are wide and deep enough to put sweaters, pants, underwear, and even boxes for shoes and other items. There is also the main part for hangers to hang outerwear (jackets, fur coats, long coats) and any other women’s or men’s clothing (shirts, dresses, jackets).

According to customer reviews, many people like the strength and reliability of the closet. Each section holds up to 22 pounds of clothing. Additional ABS connectors add stability.

The number of zones in the closet is optimal for placing items by type separately. Shoes and clothing should be stored separately, and the wardrobe allows you to do this. You can also divide and sort items by season, color, or other criteria.

Pros: thanks to the additional storage space for different things, you can put everything you need in one place and not look for a long time. 5 spacious cubes provide convenience when sorting clothes and storing them. The design can support up to 22 pounds, which is an excellent indicator of similar models.

Cons: manufacturers use cheap material. The kit may be missing one part that will have to be replaced. Assembly requires effort and time.

SONGMICS 51″ Portable Closet

The last sturdy portable closet consists of three separate compartments and 12 shelves. The wardrobe is quite spacious, so you can put all your clothes and shoes in it. Since it can be closed, the clothes remain clean and fresh. You may not only put things on the shelves but also hang them on hangers.

Pros: You can use as many as 12 shelves to place all the necessary items. The brand is quite well-known in the furniture market, so you can`t doubt its integrity.

Cons: there are not enough pictures in the instructions, so you have to assemble the closet according to the text description. This is not always convenient, because the images show the entire process. The structure has plastic parts that do not hold the metal bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an armoire and a closet?

So, this question is one of the most common. Let’s take a closer look. Armoire and a closet are made so that you can store clothes and shoes in them. Both types of furniture are made of wood. They are high and take up space from floor to ceiling.

However, there are significant differences between them. Armoire is a separate piece of furniture. Standard models have two doors that open in different directions. Inside there are several shelves and sections. Sometimes they have multiple boxes. At the same time, heavy duty portable closet is a small space for storing clothes. It can be built into a wall or located under a staircase. They are designed to stand in places where an ordinary closet will not fit. Thanks to this, when using closet, you can optimize the use of space in your room as conveniently and economically as possible. This is especially important if you live in a small apartment but want to place a closet.

How do I clean out my closet?

You need to perform a few simple steps to clear portable closets with shelves. In the beginning, clear the wardrobe of clothes and shoes. Then it is better to sort things out and throw away those that are no longer used. If you have several identical items, you can give them to charity or give them to someone. It is very important to keep in the closet only what is really practical to use and necessary for you. After sorting and sorting things, put them back in the closet by color, season, or other criteria.

How do you organize a large closet?

Here are some tips. You can sort clothes by category: color, season, material. Once a month, go through things and throw away what you don’t use. Think through your wardrobe and create images that fit you best. For things that may be wrinkled, it is better to use hangers. Those things that you use most often, it is better to place on the shelves at eye level. The rest, which is rarely used, should be stored on the lower and upper shelves. Accessories can be hung on the wall.

How to become a minimalist with clothes?

The first and obvious step is to become a minimalist in clothing, you need to get rid of all unnecessary things in the wardrobe. Be prepared for the fact that it may take more than one day, as you will need to clean summer and winter clothing, as well as shoes, underwear, and accessories. First, get all your things out of the closet. You can divide: first, get and disassemble everything from the shelves, and then from the large compartment. Sort your clothes on the bed. Unnecessary things you can always give to charity, give to friends and family, sell, cut into rags, in the end. Try not to throw them away, so as not to increase the already huge amount of textile debris.

How do I organize my small wardrobe?

Sometimes it is difficult for a person to organize the storage of things in a temporary wardrobe. To achieve maximum results and comfort, you should follow several rules. It is best to keep in the closet only those things that are necessary for this season. So, for example, in the summer it is better to remove winter things to the attic or balcony. Clothing should be stored vertically rather than horizontally. Install a new rod that doubles the hanging space.


If you want to buy a compact and roomy wardrobe, then look at the options offered above. In addition to its functional purpose, it will please you with some advantages. It can be used not only for storing clothes but also for other purposes. For example, a hanging rack can be used to dry clothes after washing. A clothes closet is the best option for organizing your space. All the options that we offered in our list have been tried by many buyers. They are the best among the competitors and you will like them.

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